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PGW Solicitors
Suite 1, Ownit Chambers
1933 Logan Rd, 
Upper Mt. Gravatt, QLD 4122.

Telephone (07) 3849 8170 
Facsimile (07) 3849 8295

Peter G Williams & Associates firmly believe that if charged with criminal offences, all Queensland residents are entitled to effective and non-judgmental legal representation before the Courts and in their dealings with Police.

We respect the Defendant’s right to be fully advised of all elements of each charge, regarding any available Defences and on planning the best strategy to deal with the allegations as to who bears the onus of proof. We are able to advise you on your prospects of successfully defending the charges and likely sentencing outcomes in the advent of a guilty plea or conviction.

Peter G Williams & Associates accept instructions from non-legally aided clients in respect of:-

Criminal Law

  • Representation in all Queensland State and Federal Courts
  • Serious offences including murder grievous bodily harm and sexual assault
  • Drug charges
  • Criminal negligence
  • Criminal trespass
  • Bail hearings
  • Tax offences
  • Conspiracy
  • Domestic violence intimidation and stalking
  • Making submissions to the Court of mitigating circumstances at the hearing of a guilty plea;
  • Drafting “hands off” letters to the Queensland Police Service

Traffic Charges

  • Dangerous driving
  • Traffic Matters
  • Drink Driving offences
  • Unlicensed or disqualified driving
  • Work licenses and special hardship

Town Agency

  • Peter G Williams & Associates  accepts instructions from other lawyers in town agency matters related to criminal law including pleas and remands. 

At Peter G Williams & Associates we strive to vigorously defend any charges brought against you to the best of our ability, where necessary, to brief a specialist criminal Barrister and in the event of a conviction or plea of guilty to inform the court of all appropriate mitigating circumstances. 

Our Key areas of Service